Flux Website Portfolio Case Study


Flux Portfolio Show was created to showcase the ways in which we as designers have changed and grown through our time at CPCC Advertising + Graphic Design program. The flux portfolio website was designed by Seuli Park and myself, as the lead designer.

The Context and Challenge

Project background and description
As part of the CPCC Advertising + Graphic Design Fall 2018 portfolio class, myself and 7 other students hosted a portfolio show to showcase our work as designers.

The Problem
Part of the success of the show lay in our ability to promote the show. Seuli Park and I were tasked with building a website for the show.
As we considered building this website, we faced two challenges.

  • The first challenge related to us as junior designers - it was important to us to get our design work in front of more seasoned designers, and to spike their interest, so as to become part of the established network of professional designers.
  • The second challenge had more to do with the visual feel of the website. The theme and title of our show, Flux, carries excitement with it, but while fluctuation and change can be exciting, constant change can be unsettling. We wanted to design a website that felt exciting, but didn’t leave the audience feeling overwhelmed.

Project Goals and Objectives The goal of having our own portfolio show website was in order to give our target audience, the design industry professionals, some context in terms of who we are as individuals, as designers, and in terms of what our show really is about. A secondary goal was to invite friends and family who have supported us through design school to consider making a donation to our fundraising efforts, which would cover the costs involved in hosting the portfolio show.

The Process and Insight

Flux, our portfolio show, came from the idea that we are continuously changing and growing as designers. Similarly, the design industry is constantly in flux – there are always new trends, new software, and new technologies to discover, expand on, or adapt to.

The Solution

The design of the Flux Portfolio website was to convey that same sense of positive change and movement that captures who we are as designers. We achieved this through the CSS ability of having the image and the colour of the image change on hover. In addition we created a light-weight gif that fluctuated through variations of our brand pattern. The speed and the intentional intermittent pausing of the gif running on the designer page of the website serve to create that necessary flow of change without causing anxiety. Each page has a brand pattern background. As the designers page already has photos which change colour on hover, a faded grey and white version of the brand pattern was incorporated into the background. On every other page a bold yellow version of the pattern was used, while light coloured text boxes serve to house the text, so as to ensure readability. Every page has a call to action, whether it is encouraging the audience to take a deeper look at the designers by visiting their personal websites, pointing those interested to the event venue, or inviting visitors to donate to our fundraising efforts.

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