My Creative Process

Pure Typography

I call this project September. I was assigned the month of September and required to design a non traditional calendar using only typography. Every element of the final design is made up of purely typography.

sketch of star constellation

My immediate connotation with creating a calendar was to think about astrology, as it has its roots in calendrical systems. I played around with creating my own constellations.

more sketches of star constellations

While creating my own star constellations was fun, I decided to pull from the star constellations that already exist in order to develop my idea.

sketches of existing star constellations depicting the days of the week

Using Virgo's star constellation I created versions of what I thought may be useful for depicting the days of the week or communicating the name of the month.

Virgo's Maiden symbol

As I researched, I discovered more and more symbology, relating to the the month of September, that I could draw from. The Maiden symbol was one of these. I tried various combinations of my previous star constellation scribbles with this new found Maiden symbol.

variations of the Maiden symbol

My ideas and research were starting to appear in different notebooks and on pieces of scrap paper that were laying around. Virgo's star constellation, her Maiden symbol, Virgo as an earth element and Mercury ruling her were my inspiration and my guides.

my sketches used to draw further inspiration

Cutting out these bits and bobs I started to piece together possibilities of how I wanted to make these ideas work together as one in order to create a cohesive and non-traditional, yet functional calendar.

a sketch of my non-traditional calendar idea

The toughest part of this project was figuring out how to create a calendar that is logical yet breaks with the traditional way of depicting the days of the month. Once I had that part figured out I was ready to go digital.

my final sketches gathered
first digital version of the top page of the calendar

When I digitised this idea it didn't quite look the way I had hoped for.

final digitised version of the date page of the calendar

I successfully depicted the days and dates in a non-traditional way, including the mercury symbol as the focal point.

final top page of the calendar

I made adjustments to the first digitised version cohesively combining the earth and maiden symbol along with the idea of a star constellation.

the final version of the calendar

This is the final product, available for downloading.

download here

character traits of a virgo make up the maiden symbol on the calendar top page

Note: The words that make up the Maiden symbol are character traits of a Virgo.

Not only was this a fun project, it also felt personal. I am a September-child and attribute my very detail oriented nature to that fact.

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