Mecklenburg Senior Games & Silver Arts
A Versatile Logo

Trina and her team, at Mecklenburg Senior Games & Silver Arts wanted a new logo. They had had the same logo for 20 plus years and were looking for something fresh. Primary requests were that the logo appeal to young seniors, just entering retirement, while simultaneously being relatable to the older seniors of 60 years old and up.

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The Mecklenburg Senior Games & Silver Arts T-shirt

Through much research, I learned that individuals from the generation currently moving into retirement, want more adventure in their lives. They are generally a people who enjoy the idea of risk, the calculated kind, and that proclivity extends into their leisure time activities. The human icon in this logo represents such an adventure seeking senior, using the colour red and varying line weights to add an edgy appeal. Red also envokes excitement, appropriate for those diving into this new chapter. The versatility in this logo is in the fact that this human icon's position can be interpreted in multiple ways; from someone doing a light stretch all the way to someone on a skateboard.

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